We put this video together recently for our friends over at Imprint.

This was a few months in the making - we did a lot of interviews to put this all together, jeffstaple, Julia from interTrend, Levi Maestro in Manhattan Beach, John Jay up at the Wieden+Kennedy office in Portland and Adam from Knockaround Sunglasses down in San Diego.

Adam has an awesome story - dude went from selling $8 sunglasses one pair at a time from a little online store, to pushing like $7M of shades a year. Anyway, he was super nice, gave a very humble and revealing interview and really helped the story of the video come together. He had 2 ping pong tables at Knockaround HQ and gave me and the guys free glasses so obviously now we're fans for life.

Anyway, Imprint is out there handing out money to entrepreneurs and making dreams come true - if you have an idea, click here to pitch 'em.

Thanks to John Hall at Imprint for helping to make it all happen. And for the black becomb Infinity Pieces :)



Last month we filmed Jay Leno picking up a new whip for his collection.

Jay bought a new P1 - he actually got the very first one to be delivered to the US - and he swung by the Auto Gallery Beverly Hills to pick it up. His crew from the NBC YouTube station 'Jay Leno's Garage' was with him filming, plus a still photographer, plus a guy filming for the dealership, plus Matt and I, so it was kind of nuts.

Jay, however, was super chill. Really friendly and down to earth. They closed the dealership to the public for a few hours while he was there. At one point, 2 random kids and their dad were standing out on Wilshire looking in the windows at Jay and the cameras and cars etc. He stopped the shoot and unlocked the doors and invited the kids in for pictures and let them sit the car, the whole nine yards.

McLaren actually flew this tech in from England to walk Jay through the car's console and features.

The car itself is insane - not even sure the final cost of this one, but the base price was around $1.2M but after customization I think the average cost was like $1.6M. We just tried to not scratch, dent, breathe or drop anything on or near it.

This is definitely one of those gigs where it's hard to believe that we actually get paid to do this. Very grateful. Shout out to The ID Agency and everyone at McLaren and the Auto Gallery and the JLG crew.

Obviously Jay and I are BFF's now. Enjoy the vid.



This year's bracket is now live.

We ruined like $75 worth of perfectly good In-N-Out filming this promo spot last week. Our office still smells like old fries and soggy tomatoes. We brought in a shop vac to get the Animal Style sauce out of the carpet.


Anyway, the deadline for the brackets is Tuesday at midnight so don't sleep on it. Clippers over Heat in 7 right? :)



Here's our vid featuring Benjie Escobar for Flexfit at Agenda Long Beach.

In January we put this video together for BASECAMP, which is a division of hatmaker Flexfit. Matt and I went to Benjie's place in LA and chatted with him at his in-home studio and then filmed him for a couple days as he painted at Agenda. Benjie was the lead graphic designer for The Hundreds for about 7 years but now he's out doing his own thing, plus running Slow Culture Gallery and his line Stay Weird Forever. Anyway, super nice guy - very chill to work with. The soundtrack for the piece was composed by Andy from Flexfit.



13 images from our 2K13.

Chillin at Magnus Walker's garage with his vintage Porsche collection. We filmed a little Barton Perreira campaign video here with Giovanni Ribisi.

Getting the shot by any means necessary. Matt filming for the Ducati HYPE series.

Talking about art and Blackjack strategies with David Choe.

Wiz Khalifa and I at Agenda Long Beach last January.

Filming Levi Maestro and jeffstaple discussing the secrets of the universe in Long Beach.

In March we flew down to Austin to film the Ducati 1199 Panigale R launch. Amazingly enough we arrived just in time to catch the last day of SXSW including Kendrick Lamar headlining Viceland.

Filming with McLaren at Concours d'Elegance up in Monterey.

Shooting behind the scenes stuff for our boy Tim Cadiente down on the beach in San Clemente.

The Shriners PGA Tournament in Vegas. Justin Timberlake wasn't there this year but we were. Nick Watney teeing off here on Hole 9.

Filming at the Standard Functions garage for the Honda x Cycle World x Staple project we're producing.

Ryan filming for a promo spot for the Montage Laguna Beach.

In September we flew down to New Orleans and hung out with the whole Ducati crew as they prepped for their annual dealer conference.

Another epic year. Life is short. Quit your job. Team up with your friends. Work your asses off. Travel the world.

Thanks to everyone who help make it all possible.

Filming for Magellan GPS in Long Beach a couple weeks ago.



Dropping on Black Friday.

A couple months back, we helped jeffstaple film the Keith Hufnagel interview for this campaign video. This project is all about jeff and the Staple brand coming together with HUF, 10.Deep and Black Scale and giving back to ART START which is a New York based non-profit that focuses on funding for the creative arts for at-risk youth.

Anyway, for our part, it was cool to see the new HUF offices in LA and film, and witness, a very insightful conversation between jeff and Keith about starting HUF and building his business and the state of streetwear in general. Anyway, a short snippet of that convo appears in the video below.

For more pics and pricing and release info on the gear, check out Hypebeast.

Click here for more info on ART START.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Flicks from our recent trip to Florida.

In September, Matt and I flew down to Tampa to film at Shriners Hospitals Headquarters. Once that was wrapped up, Matt flew back and I took the Jeep we rented and drove across the state for a week.

Spent most of the time in Miami. South Beach. Townhouse. Yardbird. Wynwood Walls. That type of thing.

Drove down the whole coast. Everglades. Gator farm. Past the sunset, all the way to Key West. Beachside Marriott. Glazed Donuts. Rented bikes on Duval Street.

Nice to just turn my phone off and chill at the beach with the jellyfish for a week. If only the water here in SoCal was that warm... Until next time Miami, I'll definitely be back.



This project has been in the works for awhile.

It all came from a random idea that Matt and I were discussing one morning about a year ago. After that, we were able to connect Garrett from Cycle World and jeffstaple and then it all started to grow from there.

It should be pretty dope when it's all said and done. For now, here's a 2-minute trailer of what's to come.



Earlier this summer I got an invite to check out the launch of Kevin Durant's new shoe over at Nike Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica Place mall was packed with people, 3 stories deep, waiting for a glimpse of KD.

DJ Mando Fresko was in the building.

The event was hosted by Kustoo who does the 'This Week in Sneaks' vids. First off, he brought Nike Basketball designer Leo Chang out to talk about the KDVI and the design inspirations and the meanings behind the different colorways.

Then EasyMoneySniper walked in and the place went nuts.

Obviously there were a ton of die hard KD fans camped out.

The shoe has a very different look than the KDV. The cut is much lower and it features an asymmetrical tongue which gives it a really distinct look. Kevin talked a bit about the sneaker and then was kind enough to give some kicks and prizes away to some of the fans. He is definitely one of the most humble superstars in the league.

Anyway, the NBA season tips off at the end of the month which means we have about another 2 weeks left before productivity at the 0484 office begins to significantly fall off.

Shout out to John P, Fatlace and Nike for having me.



As you guys probably know, Matt's been a UFC fan for awhile now.

Like since we were in High School and wayyy before it was a cool thing to be into. Anyway, we got to work on this series of videos along with our boy John P for Toyo Tires recently and Matt was pretty stoked about it. Fight footage was provided by the UFC and interviews were done by an agency named Vitro out of San Diego - Matt and I edited it altogether.

This Dom Cruz video was definitely the most compelling to me - he gave a great interview. If you're a UFC nerd as well, you can check out the others we put together with Chad Mendes and our boy Anthony Pettis.



We're back from the dead.

September was sort of a blur so I sort of let the blog fall off a bit. But on the bright side we went and did a bunch of stuff, so if I ever get around to posting any of it, it'll be cool.

Let's start things back off with a bang. This is from our trip we took back in the spring to Austin along with Ducati for the ID Agency. Matty and Ryan and I all alone in a garage with a million dollars worth of Panigale R's. Not a big deal :)

Anyway, while we were there that week we filmed a story about this guy Dennis who had bought a Panigale S a year or 2 ago and basically picked it up from the dealership in Newport Beach and then drove it across the country for 16K miles. It was a really cool story and Dennis was super chill - we're now best friends with him. Check out the video below.

If you're dying to know more about Dennis' cross country trip, check it out his Ride Report / blog type of thing here.

Also thanks to our boy Adam over at DJI for help with the aerial shots.