So a couple weeks ago we got a call and - long story short - Randy Moss flew Matt and I out to Daytona to make a video for him and the NASCAR team he co-owns.

Met up with Tayler Malsam and his camp at a sponsor luncheon earlier in the day.

Bryton James was in attendance - he's from Vampire Diaries and The Young and the Restless - or at least that's what Matt tells me.

Anyway, Randy showed up to the track and we basically shot stuff with him all day - meetings, interviews, everything.

View from the pit.

Fans approached Randy all day but he took pictures and signed autographs for everyone. All in all it was a great shoot, we got a ton of footage and everything went smoothly.

Anyway, we're editing now - as soon as the video is done I'll make sure to post it up here.

Kind of a crazy itinerary. We flew out on a red-eye Thursday night, landed in Orlando at 9:30 Friday morning, shot all day and then took the first flight out at dawn on Saturday in order to make it to Santa Barbara for Daniel's wedding. So we spent less than 24 hours in Florida. After shooting the race and grabbing dinner, we checked into our hotel in Orlando at 3AM and then checked out at 6 and barely made our flight. No big deal.

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