Two years and exactly 250 posts later...

You can never really tell what's going to happen too far ahead of time so in some ways none of this is ever really 'planned'. We do a few things, see where it takes us and then periodically reassess. We try and look at the big picture every once in awhile - make sure we're still aimed in the right direction.

I knew I wanted to do some creative stuff and be my own boss. The rest just sort of fell into place.

We landed a killer fucking project today. That's an amazing feeling. I realize that some people never get that type of rush at their jobs - ever. I'm aware of that.

When someone asks what I do - I usually downplay it. A lot of people, especially in LA, try to really overhype shit. Most of the time I'd rather people underestimate us - I'm okay with that.

It's not all as fun as it may appear here. It is still a job. Parts of it suck.

We helped Ryan start a business recently - it's going pretty well so far. I can already tell that it'll grow quicker than 0484 and he may even outgross us in a couple years. That's fine. We have a stake in it. Hopefully Ryan doesn't go all Zuckerberg on us when it really blows up.

Spellman is really the key to everything. Dude is unbelievably skilled and super efficient. Still amazes me that we found him.

Life is short. You've really just got to keep it moving.

For me, getting to work with Matt is the best part of the whole deal, hands down.

Few shots from the past 12 months. Hard to believe these all came from the last year.

I miss Vegas. Seriously.

The Nobizplan-mobile. Thanks to Iron Horse Jeans - for this and all the opportunities. And for the connections.



Knicks vs Lakers at Staples Center in 2 of Nike's corporate seats. Thanks to the crew at The ID Agency - for the tickets and for every single thing else they've done for us over the years.

Charlotte. On our way to chill with Tayler Malsam at the Randy Moss Motorsports garage.

Last race of the 2010 NASCAR season down in Homestead outside of Miami. NASCAR doesn't let you shoot video at races at all let alone wander out in the middle of the infield like this. Sometimes you just have to do your own thing.

Planet Hollywood Towers Vegas.

Wisconsin. Summer vacation last August.

Thanks to everyone who reads the blog. All 4 of you.

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