Besides the stuff for Ducati, we shot one more short video while we were up in Monterey.

It was for a car maker. From Germany.

This is the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster. And this, actually, was the North American debut of this car. It's the sister model to the coupe with the gullwing doors and when it ships later this fall - in case you're interested - it'll run about $183,000.

For us, honestly, this was a next level type of thing. I mean, it's Mercedes-Benz - it's next-next level.

When Ducati and The ID Agency first approcached us about going out to MotoGP, it was actually the weekend we'd planned for Matt's Bachelor Party. That got re-scheduled quickly - no second thoughts. When Victor from ID called and told me AMG wanted a video as well, it was really just a bonus.

It's crazy to me to think that it was just a year ago that we even decided to seriously get into video production. Sometimes you start out with a plan or a vision for what you're setting out to do and sometimes things sort of just take off. It's not that I didn't think we'd get here - it's more just that it came quicker than I might've thought.

We're not yet jaded about most of these situations and I know that's a huge advantage for us. We've had some really crazy schedules and same day editing deadlines recently but, at the end of the day, we're still just happy to be here.

Shot all day Friday and Saturday for Ducati. Edited for Ducati all night Saturday until around 10AM Sunday. Delivered Ducati their MotoGP Pre-Show video, showered, grabbed Burger King and drove immediately back to the track to shoot for AMG. By the time we flew home Sunday night we were exhausted.

Sunset at San Jose Airport.

Anyway, here's the piece we produced for them. Yes - it could've been a bit more exciting if we had some footage of the car rocketing around the racetrack at top speed. Unfortunately, due to the rare exclusivity of this car combined with my utter lack of stunt driving experience, the Mercedes reps didn't seem quite onboard with that plan. Oh well, maybe next time.

Shout out to everyone at MBUSA, Ducati North America and of course, The one and only ID Agency.

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