Shot a little video last week at an artist showcase in Santa Monica.

My boy DJ Hapa, who we met at MotoGP, hit us up and asked if we could come through. Figured it made sense seeing as though I plan on Hapa mentoring me as soon as I quit the design/video/blog game and start my professional DJ career.

This dude's name is Stix. He is for real. Unbelievable stage presence. Amazing performance - I'm very confident this kid is going to do big things. You can listen to his song Champagne here. Athough this link really doesn't due him justice - you've got to see him in person.

Anyway as long as I can get my DJ skills together before he really blows up, I'm pretty sure we'll one day tour together. So, don't be surprised when you see the 'Stix straight outta Watts' and 'DJ Gabe from just-north-of-Santa Barbara' show come to an arena near you.

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  1. YO Gabe this STIX, thanks for the love fam, get at me stix777@gmail.com