The 2011 Ducati Island at Laguna Seca MotoGP video.

Below is the 4 minute cut of the video that we produced along with The ID Agency for Ducati last month. The full length version of this piece is actually 14 minutes long and seems like it was pretty well received. Nicky Hayden posted it to his facebook page which helped it gain some visibility.

So the funny part is this - last I checked, that video had around 19,000 views on YouTube - which in my mind was a success and something I felt quite proud of. Then, earlier this week, one of my friends hits me up and tells me that he got a job editing for an online video production house. The division of the company he's working for specializes in a series called 'Epic Rap Battles of History' (you can't make this stuff up). Anyway, he mentions that they recently made a 'Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven' parody rap video which garnered over 18 MILLION views. But wait - I started clicking around on their YouTube page only to discover that their 'Darth Vader vs. Hitler' video is sitting on over 29 MILLION. Craze, right?

Whatever. Good for them. But if you catch me on here a month from now talking about how we've dropped everything in order to produce 'Snooki vs Dr Seuss' breakdancing battle vids at least you'll know why. Until then, enjoy the MotoGP clip.

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