Shot a little behind the scenes video with Manny Pacquiao last week.

We got back from Mexico on Friday. Our boy Tim Cadiente from Barton Perreira hit us up Saturday night and Sunday morning we were hanging out with Manny.

Tim was shooting some print and video stuff with Manny for Pacquiao Produce - which is, as you may have guessed, a line of veggies endorsed by the champ. Tim brought us out to cover all the behind the scenes stuff.

The shoot was in Long Beach. Manny pulled up in a new grey Ferrari and then Tim and his crew did their thing. They shot a lot of set ups with him in a very short amount of time.

The set was super busy. There was a crew of guys there who were shooting a feature documentary about Manny plus produce company people plus Manny's boys plus some guys from the media etc.

Everyone was super chill though. All the guys from PacMan's camp were humble and easy to work with including his manager Michael Koncz. Pacquiao was on a tight schedule but I noticed he still did interviews for all the media, posed for photos for all the fans and signed every autograph. You really hardly see that from guys at his level - so that was cool.

Anyway, awesome project - really grateful that Tim hit us up to be a part of it.

And now word on the street is that Floyd
might finally stop ducking Manny. Would be the fight of the century. We'll see.

The 2 most dangerous Filipinos on the planet.

I'm going to frame this picture and give it to my grandmother for Christmas.

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