Went up to Santa Barbara last weekend for Daniel's wedding.

Back in Lompoc, where Matt and I grew up, this was basically the most anticipated wedding of all time. Matt and I were just lucky to be invited. We flew in from Daytona Saturday morning just in time for the rehearsal which lasted all day and had a guest list larger than most people's actual weddings.

Sunday breakfast. There were 12 groomsmen (not kidding) so this was only half of the table.

Josh (and Ryan) were in charge of the wedding video.

Pre-game prep.

It rained all day Saturday and then Sunday it looked like this.

Robert - aka Fonzworth Bentley - shielding Daniel from the paparazzi and helicopter TV cameras that tried to get a glimpse of the Wedding of the Century.

Poppin' bottles.

Anyway, good wedding - charming, heart warming, etc etc. Daniel and Karen are now in Europe for a couple weeks which basically just means that I have no one to talk about Fantasy Basketball with.

Late Sunday night, after the wedding, a bunch of us went to Freebirds. One of these just opened in LA recently and there were some crazy lines outside but this one in Isla Vista is the original. In fact, this was really basically Chipotle before Chipotle.

Last thing before leaving SB, grabbed lunch with my mom on Monday at Palazzio on State Street.



Went down to Staples to catch the Hawks the other day.

Lakers blew 'em out. Ended up being Mike Bibby's last game as a Hawk before they shipped him to DC for Kirk Hinrich. A lot of random trades in the past couple days - I feel sorry for Deron Williams and Baron Davis being exiled like that. Really wanted to see Nash go back to Dallas or some other contender but doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Anyway, it was a halfway decent game with a few good Shannon Brown dunks. Didn't quite make up for missing All Star Weekend but whatever...



From the last 72 hours.

Good morning Charlotte

Guess where?

Good, succinct copywriting is rare. (Click to enlarge)

Travel diet

More to come. As soon as I make it back home.



The last week's gone by fast - quick recap.

Prepped a few things for Iron Horse's MAGIC booth. At the last minute we had to cancel heading out to Vegas in order to get a few other things done. Always hate to miss Vegas but was especially bummed when I found out that Manny was walking the show. Whatevs - we'll have to catch the next one in August.

Photos for that Tayler Malsam video we're working on.

I've been waiting on this iPod to come for months - bunch of random delays. Finally arrived the other day and then my BBD headphones broke. Anyway, don't panic - there's a warranty - they're shipping me a new pair.

Matt and Ryan and the guys play in an indoor soccer league on Wednesdays. Matt's actually leading the league in goals scored (no kidding).

Anyway, Matt couldn't make it the other night so I filled in for him.

M: How'd the game go? Did you have any goals?
G: Ummmm, no. But I had some good kicks.

New board that Matt's painting.

New client meeting.

Let's fly cross country.

Blogged via in-flight WiFi from US Airways 1849



A brief history.

2002. 13" G3 iBook.

At 18 I bought this laptop the summer before I started Cal State Long Beach. This was still back when no one bought Macs unless they were really into design - now every kid at Starbucks has one. With as sketchy as PC laptops are I'm not really surprised about the shift.

I started Gabe Yeh Design which later became 0484CREATIVE on this computer. I didn't even have a mouse for the first 6 months - I designed with the trackpad on this tiny little screen. I edited a short film called ROCKETCASH on this laptop - in what was the first edition of iMovie - which I used in my application to the Film program at CSULB. I drove cross country with this computer - twice. I ran Illustrator 10 and later CS1 on this thing. Sent it in sometime in '05 and Apple replaced the logic board at no cost.

2005. Dual G5 Power Mac.

When I got into the Film program I bought this to run Final Cut Pro on. So much faster than the iBook. I edited Eviction Notice on this machine. Sort of built Gabe Yeh Design on this computer - found a couple more clients, paid for school. Super solid computer - to this day, I can't remember this thing ever having any major problems.

2007. 15" MacBook Pro.

Bought this right as I graduated. Within 6 months, Matt, who had been doing some work with me in addition to his full time Engineering job, quit and we rented our first office in Long Beach. We renamed everything 0484CREATIVE. This was right around the time that everything started to become pretty legit. We took on a lot of new clients in a really short time and this became more like a real job for both of us. We designed our first national print ad campaign, the first iteration of Represent Kobe and started the blog on this computer.

Brought this thing all over the country and to China once. Used this computer almost all day, everyday for a few years and it held up ok all things considered. I've run through 2 batteries and 3 chargers. Sent it in to Apple once and got the hard drive replaced.

2009. 27" iMac.

You can't beat this computer. All in all, it's amazing. The display is huge but once you get used to it, it's hard to work on anything else. Matt and Ryan both have one as well. Most of everything we did last year started on this machine.

More than just how the hardware has changed, OS X has improved phenomenally. The whole user experience, at this point, is so intuitive that everything just goes way smoother and takes a lot less time than it used to.

2011. 15" MacBook Pro.

And here's the newest addition. Picked this up on Friday courtesy of Iron Horse Jeans. Just in time because that last MacBook Pro is really on it's last legs. Excited to see what we'll do with this thing.

We still run CS3 on everything at this point. CS4 was a joke and there's a lot of backward compatibility issues with CS5. CS3 is so solid I don't really have any complaints but maybe by the time CS6 comes around we'll take the plunge.

If there's one thing you learn in all of this it's that it doesn't matter what machine or software version someone's using. At the end of the day it's all just about getting the work done.



Matt and I have been planning on going to the NBA All Star Game for the past year.

When they announced it was in LA I told Matt that we had to go. I almost convinced him to drop a small fortune on Game 7 Finals tickets with me last June but it's hard to fathom blowing that much money on an anything that lasts two and a half hours. So I figured the only way we'd end up actually doing it for All Star weekend was if we committed months in advance.

When there were rumors that Lebron and Blake Griffin might be in the Dunk Contest together I thought about getting tickets for Saturday night but I was skeptical since the Dunk contest has been so awful the past few years. Then about a month ago I found out that Matt and I had a wedding to go to in Santa Barbara on All Star Weekend. But I don't like giving up on things. So I looked up tickets to the Rookie/Sophomore game on Friday and confirmed that we could still squeeze it into our schedule on our way up the coast. I told Matt that he should be happy because we could get way better tickets to the Rookie game for a fraction of the price (yet still ridiculously expensive).

And then we got a call a few days ago and a new client booked us tickets to go to Florida next week and shoot a video. For one day. Friday the 18th.

I don't really want to give away all the details but it's the type of thing you give up All Star games for. No big deal. Now I just have to convince Matt to commit to traveling with me to next year's game.

Stay tuned.



A few of the things that we're working on at the moment. (Click the image to enlarge)

Finishing up the edit for an online video we're making for NASCAR Driver Tayler Malsam, just helped Holocuren launch a new all natural toothpaste, casting fit models for Iron Horse Jeans' huge booth at PREMIUM at MAGIC in Vegas next week, helping The ID Agency with a new Recaro Child Seat digital advertising campaign, getting fitted for suits, designing a site for a gelato shop in Coronado, and helping launch a little online NASCAR contest.

Anyway, we're shackled to our desks for a couple more weeks while we try to get this stuff and a few other things out the door. But, enough staring at windows on my desktop, if you want to stalk someone with a slightly more exciting life (and better sneaker collection), check this out.



More random images I found online - enjoy.