Just wrapped 10 days of filming down in Mexico.

It was an adventure. It was sort of sketchy at times but it was fun too. And we all actually made it home still in one piece.

The ID Agency threw us in with the Ducati team for the Carrera Panamericana - a 7 day road rally race that travels over 1,600 miles through Mexico at super high speeds.

Woke up at dawn and worked long hours everyday (of course). This was the view at sunrise from our resort in Huatulco, where the race started.

The entire race was escorted by a team of Mexican Federales. They'd close sections of public roads for us to speed through as the race moved from city to city.

Ryan and our boy Shane came along to shoot with us as well. We shot with 5 cameras and a ton of GoPro's everyday. Once the race started, we were in new city and new hotel each night. As soon as we checked in, we'd designate one of our rooms as the makeshift office and offload and backup footage, recharge batteries and reorganize and pack all of the equipment every night.

Volcano in Puebla

Carlin Dunne and Roland Brown - the Ducati team riders.

Our hotel in Queretaro was right across the street from a McDonalds. Don't judge us - we only ate American fast food once in 10 days.

Zacatecas - amazing looking little city where the race finished at the end of the week.

Anyway, the shoot turned out great. Nice to be home. Now all we have to do is sort through the 600GB of footage and start to edit. More photos to come...



Best day of shooting thus far.

More pictures when we get to a place with less sketchy internet. Stay tuned.



And so it begins.

Matt and I were sitting in a field yesterday on the side of the road in the middle-of-nowhere Mexico setting up a shot and waiting for the bikes to come by. Sometimes I just stop, and laugh about it and wonder, 'How did we ever end up here?'

Shout out to The ID Agency for sending us down here and of course to Ducati for the killer hotel accomodations, and endless supply of Dramamine and Mexican gummy bears.



You've reached 0484CREATIVE - sorry we're not here to take your call at the moment.

First the NBA lockout (don't even get me started) and then Drake pushed his album back, so we decided that now would be as good a time as any to skip town for awhile.

If you really must get a hold of us, try shooting us an e-mail. I'm crossing my fingers that some of the towns we're passing through over the next 10 days will have WiFi. And also hopefully McDonalds.

Assuming all goes according to plan, we'll be back at the end of the month.

Adios amigos.



A few more photos from the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.

These were from our video shoot a couple weeks ago out in Vegas. JT and I chatted a bit - we talked a little about golf and about 'bringing sexy back' and other hobbies which he and I just happen to have in common.

Anyway, so we woke up at dawn that day to shoot the Pro-Am event. And then later the high hit about 100º which made filming outdoors while hiking around the golf course with our gear sort of interesting.

Bo knows golf

George Lopez

Cedric the Entertainer

Anthony Anderson - and his pants

Cool vibe overall - everyone had a good time. We filmed these guys throughout the front nine and got some great shots. Of course the next morning I saw on Yahoo! that we apparently missed chilling with Jessica by just a couple of holes. Whatever. I'm sure I'll get over that. Someday.

The Official Ciroc Afterparty

Brad Garrett was funny. He did a killer Ray Romano impersonation.

And then, on Sunday, this guy Kevin Na snagged his first PGA tour win which was cool.

Anyway, looking forward to working on the edit for this.

And of course, it might be easy to think that this was all just about Justin and Jessica and I chilling out in Vegas together eating at the fancy buffets and playing craps until 3AM (ok, none of that technically actually happened) but really it's just all about the kids.



Found this timelapse on one of our hard drives the other day.

This was from a few months back when Matt and Ryan and I were out in Colorado Springs with The ID Agency and Ducati. We were on a really weird schedule - each day's itinerary looked something like this:

2AM: Wake up call
3AM: Frosted Donettes®, orange juice and Aspirin (for the altitude) for breakfast in the car while we drive up to Pikes Peak
4AM - 11AM: Film motorcycle stuff
12PM - Chick-fil-A lunch
1PM - 3PM: Download, back-up and convert footage
3PM - 12AM: Edit daily recap video and submit to Ducati

We did that for a few days in a row. It was tiring. At one point we threw a GoPro up in the corner of our hotel room to document a small part of the process.

A few notes:
1. From the looks of things, it appears like the Marriott where we stayed did not have a housekeeping staff on duty.
2. At 0:18 I seem to take a short inadvertent nap.
3. Though not at all surprising, out of the 3 of us, Matt appears to be the only one who works the entire time and does not sleep or disappear for any portion of the video. Watch him - he works on 3 different laptops all over the room. That's why he always wins 0484 Employee of the Month.



Went back out to Vegas last week.

Got some snacks and headed out to TPC Summerlin. It was only about 100º out there, so no big deal.

We shot a recap video for the Justin Timberlake / Shriners Hospitals PGA event.

Sort of a hectic schedule. Matt and Ryan and I shot all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. Then Matt had to fly to Idaho and Ryan and I came back home. On Friday, Ryan shot a wedding in San Diego and then immediately afterwards, him and a crew went up to the Bay area and shot 2 more weddings on Saturday.

My boy Rick came back out to Vegas with me on Saturday to finish up the golf coverage.

We shot some b-roll of the Vegas skyline from atop the Palms parking structure Saturday night. And then Sunday we covered the tournament all day.

Anyway, more pictures of 'JT' (I can call him that by the way - he said it was cool) later this week.