More flicks from the foggiest place on earth.

Flew LAX to Dublin. Had a layover at Heathrow - bought my Grandma some tea from the Harrods giftshop.

We shot a wedding the first day we were there - Irish Catholic ceremony at a church in Waterford and then a reception at a really nice hotel in Kilkenny. After that we had a few days to look around.

Watercolor of a little beach near Waterford.

Grabbed lunch in Kilkenny one day.

Some of the pubs and cafes had some legit signage.

Please excuse the locals and Lexus' that are trying to cramp my travel photos.

We drove out to the Ring of Kerry which is sort of like this coastal scenic route in southwest Ireland.

At this time of the year, the sun doesn't rise until around 10AM. And by the way, when I say 'sunrise', I mean 'the foggy clouds get slightly brighter'.

Rained throughout most of the day but we didn't let that stop us from hopping out of the car every once in awhile to shoot some b-roll. Nice views, a lot of sheep. Reminded me a little of the 17 Mile Drive up in Monterey.

Ryan and I and our Nissan Micra.

Driving on the other side of the road was as weird and disorienting as you'd expect. Had a couple close calls but if you travel with Ryan enough you get used to that sort of thing.


  1. Is this where I'm allowed to make a comment about Asian drivers?

  2. Just returned from the Isles. Had great weather ...actually got a sun burn. Pictures taking weather was all you could ask for. You are so right about driving on the roads over there. I find myself thinking about making left hand turns in the states.. "am I on the right side?" .