Shot a little behind the scenes vid for the high end eyewear line Barton Perreira recently.

Our boy Tim Cadiente hired us to come out and film a promotional piece for their Spring Summer 2012 line.

Really cool shoot. Everyone was super chill, great snacks on set, the hot air balloon was a definitely a killer prop.

Tim C - doing his thing

Anyway, we just finished editing the video. As soon as BP rolls it out, we'll throw it up here as well.



Our boy Tayler Malsam kicks off the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series this Saturday.

I wouldn't normally admit something like this but we're actually playing in a Fantasy NASCAR pool this year. Tayler's homie Bloggo arranges the whole thing as a fun way for everyone to keep up with the latest NASCAR news. So this year, Matt, Ryan, Spellman and I are taking part along with all of Tayler's crew from Seattle. Should be fun. Anyway, if you catch Matt in a Dale Jr. baseball cap soon, at least now you'll know why.

Meanwhile, leading up to this season we've been working on a few things for Tayler's camp. We re-skinned his website, all new colors, photos and sponsor logos to reflect his new deal with Green Earth Techologies' G-Oil. We also threw together a new custom Facebook landing page for him yesterday. And, to top it all off, we launched this short video as a prelude to the upcoming season.

This was from our shoot down in Orlando in December. Matt threw some pretty sick motion graphics on top of the car shots in this. Real next level-ish, check it out.



Matt and I went up to Santa Barbara the other day to go visit our boy Carlin Dunne.

We're from Lompoc so it's always nice to go back up there. We shot some b-roll at the beach and then grabbed some tri-tip sandwiches at The Habit on State Street.

Then we swung by Carlin's dealership to catch up on old times.

The 2011 Pikes Peak 1205 Class Champion and Current Record Holder. #nobigdeal

We worked on some bikes while we were there. Obviously. Wrenched a few engines. You guys know the drill.

Carlin's got a pretty sick office. Filled with trophies and plaques and vintage bike photos. The giant check up there was a bonus from Bell for his Pikes win. There's also an 0484 Christmas card floating around somewhere in there.

Anyway, after filming we met up with our boy Danny V and grabbed some Chicken Ranch dinner. You can't beat it.

The footage we shot is part of a piece we're working on with The ID Agency for Ducati. Should be done soon, stay tuned.



Went out to Vegas for a couple of days for the MAGIC Fashion Tradeshow.

Our boys John and Victor from The ID Agency helped throw the PUMA Motorsport party on Monday night so I temporarily pulled myself away from the Craps table and stopped by to check it out.

Diplo kicked things off. He's the guy who actually produced the new USHER single. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Then Santi Gold came out and killed it.

It was a cool event. Small venue, super intimate setup. Santi Gold invited everyone to come up on stage and dance with her - she seemed super cool.

Dwyane Wade's girlfriend was there. As was some kid from True Blood.

Anyway, Meek Mill wrapped things up.


I know these iPhone pics are sort of sketchy - check out real photos from the event on John's Fatlace blog.



Ducati unveiled our 2011 Pikes Peak Video to the public last week.

Before MotoGP and La Carrera and the Panigale release, it all started with The ID Agency putting us on a plane to Colorado to film the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. We had no idea what this event was before we got there. We read about it on Wikipedia the week before we left.

I've been waiting to share this for awhile but we couldn't really show it off until Ducati officially released it.

Production Notes:
1. The week we spent in Colorado Springs filming this was the most grueling I've ever worked in my life (not saying much, I realize, but still...). We woke up most days around 2:30AM and literally worked until midnight every night. Besides filming most of the day, we were editing daily short 2-minute recap videos for Ducati to release on their online social network site. We did that schedule for about a week - filming and editing all day, eating nothing but fast food and caffeine.

2. There were 8 bikes racing in the 1205cc class and 4 were Ducati riders. When you're filming all week, you don't know whom, if any of them, are going to win on Sunday. So you shoot everything and everyone because the storylines don't become clear until later on. Carlin Dunne was a rookie underdog kid from Santa Barbara who no one knew - but the fact that we found time to drive down to his motel and shoot his backstory interview meant everything to our finished piece.

3. All of the riders, Greg, Carlin, Alexander and Cernicky were really chill and humble. Their graciousness and the time they spent with us was invaluable. Shout out to Rhys Millen as well, who was also cool.

4. Cernicky and Cycle World Magazine just moved to offices down the street from us in Irvine. On Thursdays we meet up with him and grab lunch at the food trucks and he tells us stories from his days as a pro skateboarder.

5. On the day of the race, the logistics are insane. Ryan had flown back to California so there was just the 2 of us. Matt drove up to the top of the mountain at 3AM and had to camp out up there and wait 13 hours to film 1 shot - the bikes crossing the finish line. I stayed at the bottom of the mountain and filmed the riders as they prepared for the race all day.

By the time the afternoon start time for the 1205 class came, there was an accident from an earlier car division and a driver had crashed off the side of the mountain. A medical helicopter was flown in and all the subsequent races, including our bikes, were delayed indefinitely.

I was standing near the start line, off to the side of the road with 2 cameras set up. It was over 90ยบ and the cameras were overheating. I grabbed Ducati promotional posters and wrapped them over the cameras to shield them from the sun. I can remember being so exhausted and just standing there in the dirt for 2 hours, baking in the heat, while we waited for the race to start.

Cell reception is almost non existent up there and I had no way of communicating with Matt to tell him what was going on. Meanwhile, at the top of the mountain, there was a sand storm that was kicking up dust and rocks everywhere. All the other camera guys had left but Matt waited, crouched in a pile of rocks, for hours in order to get the shot of Carlin coming across the finish line.

6. There was a short time where no one knew where Greg Tracy was. He had started the race and then went missing. I was near his family at the Ducati basecamp at that time. I chose not to film them during any of that time. It was scary. We cover it quickly in this piece but in real life there was a long stretch of uncertainty that was unfathomable to deal with. When you look at the onboard footage of Greg's crash, he's literally threading a needle in terms of laying his bike down and not crashing into any bystanders or major obstacles. The fact that he walked away from that was unbelievable. You have to go to Pikes Peak to really understand it.

7. We had never filmed or edited a project quite like this, let alone on this type of timeframe. We made it all happen out of sheer will. We saw this project as an opportunity and we did not want to waste it. So we ran 3 laptops constantly, we literally edited in the car while we drove to and from the mountain and we ate Aspirin every morning to fight the altitude sickness.

And the work paid off. It always does.

Anyway, check it out. But it's like 14 minutes long, so grab some popcorn.



I tried to tell you guys about this kid 2 years ago.

This is the guy who no one offered a scholarship to. The asian kid who came out of Harvard and no one drafted. The guy that the Warriors and Rockets waived.

Well, the other day Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks gave him a decent chunk of minutes for the first time in his short NBA career and he blew up.

25 points, 5 boards and 7 dimes in win over the Nets. Madison Square Garden went nuts. Two nights later the Knicks gave Lin a starting spot and he let everyone know that his breakout game was no fluke; 28 points and 8 assists in a home win over the Jazz.

The hype surrounding him right now is insane. He's generating a huge buzz on Twitter, the Knicks are marketing him like crazy, every major sports outlet in the country is covering him and, more importantly, I've picked him up on my Fantasy Basketball team (no kidding).

Full highlights (this video is beyond thorough - it's pretty much every time he touched the ball Saturday night) from his game vs the Nets below. Like I said, I've been following Jeremy's story for a couple years and it's been hard to watch him get overlooked again and again by so many coaches and teams. And he's been such an underdog for so long, that when he finally got a shot and went off on Saturday it was just so satisfying to watch. Besides Lin's plays, check out the way his teammates on the bench react - it's funny to see how happy and amazed they look.

This is, by far, my favorite YouTube video of the year.



In the Winter of 2005 I was at Cal State Long Beach studying Graphic Design and Film.

I didn't have a real job in college but I did freelance design work. It paid well and got me through school and paid for Lakers tickets and stuff like that. Right around that time jeffstaple started a blog and began documenting snippets of his life online.

His was one of the first blogs I ever really followed. He was an asian graphic designer who collaborated with Nike and was into basketball and rap music - it was a pretty natural fit. I don't know what I expected from his blog, but I can tell you that it blew my mind right from the start. Within the first few posts it became clear to me that jeff was not living an ordinary life by any means.

Not only was he doing design work for A-list brands, he was also getting new sneakers as gifts, shipped to his office by the manufacturers before their general release dates, on a regular basis. He had started a recreational basketball league for creative professionals in New York City that Nike sponsored. Their rec league played it's championship games in Madison Square Garden.

In the blog's 6th entry, jeff posted photos of Victoria Secret model Izabel Goulart stopping by his office to play ping pong with him and it was officially over - this guy had somehow designed and was living my fantasy life.

Anyway, long story short, I feel like that blog really opened my mind in a lot of ways. I think a lot of decisions that we've made with 0484 have been influenced from afar by jeff and his brand.

So, a few weeks ago, I heard he was looking for a video crew in LA. I got his email address from his website and shot him a really brief message with a link to our site.

And then last Tuesday he called me up. It was around 9AM (I was sleeping). I picked up the phone, he said 'Hey, my name is jeff from Staple Design...'

He hired us to shoot an interview with him and RZA.

Bobby Digital

RZA loves chess

This was a Q+A session at the Apple store in Santa Monica. Right afterwards we went down the street to a private room inside a nearby restaurant and we filmed a cool, very intimate video of jeff interviewing RZA.

Should be a fun one to edit. I'll let you guys know when it's finished.

Stay tuned. Bong bong.