Like we always do at this time.

For the 5th year in a row, we bring you the 0484 NBA BRACKET CHALLENGE. The winning bracket this year will walk away with a $340 Chipotle Gift Card (about 52 burritos worth).

Matt and I noticed that some companies have been getting a bit out of control with their contest requirements. Of course, unlike 0484, most of those companies are run by 'adults', so we tend to do things a bit differently. Anyway, if you have some time to kill, you can fill your bracket out here.



Our NBA Playoff Bracket Challenge is coming.

Matt and Ryan and I shot a quick little spot to promote our NBA Playoff Contest with our boy Jordan Warren out in LA last week. Whole shoot came together really quickly. If there's anything film school taught me, it's how to procrastinate pre-production until the last possible minute. That, and creative ways to get away with shooting stuff for dirt cheap.

We basically wrote, produced and shot the entire spot within 24 hours. Shout out to Rick Escamilla for hooking everything up to let us shoot at the Hollenbeck Youth Center. Jordan was great to work with, as always. I've known him since I made Eviction Notice in college and we've stayed in touch and shot a few things together since then. The kid has a ridiculous amount of talent - working with him is really fundamentally different than filming with almost anyone else.

Anyway, vid launches later this week. P.S. We're giving away a lot more burritos this year.



Quick trip out to Denver last week.

Matt and I touched down Monday night. Sam and Tayler were nice enough to come through and pick us, and all of our gear, up at the airport. We grabbed some dinner at a diner downtown and then went straight back to the hotel where Matt and I unpacked and prepped everything.

Woke up Tuesday morning and filmed a few exterior shots around Downtown Denver.

Then we headed over to the Forza Gym inside the Ritz-Carlton. This is gym where Carmelo used to train, back in the day. His logo, in Syracuse colors, and signature are ingrained at center court.

Anyway, we filmed a few scenes here for a small independent movie that's currently in the works.

Matt filming here with Zo Azubuike. Zo's brother Kelenna is a shooting guard in the NBA. He's actually the guy who Mark Cuban signed to replace Lamar Odom a couple weeks ago.

Tayler and Matt squeezed a workout in between scenes.

Then we wrapped the day up by heading to a high school just outside the city and filming with Anthony Tolliver from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Both Anthony and Zo were really chill. We got to chat with them a bit about all aspects of the league and everything from Ricky Rubio's injury to the Mavericks' upcoming playoff picture.

Then we woke up before dawn on Wednesday and came home. Anyway, good trip for sure.

Meanwhile, we're staying busy back home. About to shoot a bunch of new stuff in next few days. Stay tuned.



Me and the RZA connect.

The videos that Matt and Ryan and I made with jeffstaple and RZA dropped yesterday. And they're now worldwide thanks to Hypebeast and Freshness Mag and NahRight amongst others. It's one epic 20 minute interview split into 2 parts. What's cool about jeff's 1-2-1 series of videos is that they really are direct and intimate. There are no product-plugs and pre-canned answers so everything is truly real and direct.

Anyway, the videos cover everything - from the roots of the Wu and RZA turning his life around after being incarcerated to working on his forthcoming feature film. There's some deep stuff in here - for real. I know 20 minutes may seem like an eternity online but they're worth it, trust me.

Check out jeff's site for his commentary about how it all came together and some behind the scenes stills. Thanks to Amanda Lopez for the shot of me and Bobby Digital.

Also, worth mentioning, both RZA and jeff were really chill to work with. RZA was humble and charismatic. Jeff was pretty laid back and took a lot of our input throughout the shooting and editing process.



The new Formula Drift season kicked off in Long Beach a few days ago.

Our boys at The ID Agency have been handling all the marketing for FD for years. As of a couple months ago, they brought us on board to help handle everything related to the Formula Drift website - content updates, live event streams, ad management and tracking, and everything on the backend. We're also helping to launch their all new e-commerce store which will go live later this week.

Anyway, Matt and Ryan and I stopped by the ID suite on Saturday and took in some of the action. Great weather, front row seats and all-you-can-eat hot dogs - 'nuff said. Anyway, you can check out more pictures of smoking tires and stuff at formulad.com

Shout out to The ID Agency for the work. And the hot dogs. And shout out to Spellman for programming his ass off last weekend making sure everything ran smoothly.

Anyway, super busy week coming up - shooting a few new videos. Follow along with all the action via Twitter - should be fun, trust me.



We're not on Pinterest.

Nevertheless here are a few images I found online recently.

Speaking of Kanye, here's a download link to his new joint, Theraflu, where he talks about falling in love with Kim Kardashian and how Kris Humphries is lucky that Kanye didn't make Jay drop him from the Nets (Yikes, right?). Anyway, you heard it here first.



Our boys from The ID Agency and SA Studios threw the Sanctiond event in LA last week.

Naturally Matt and I stopped by to raid all the free food trucks.

Sanctiond is Cartoon's new line of car care products. To help launch the brand, Cartoon opened up the doors to his compound and showed off everything from his private collection of lowriders to his super exclusive tattoo studio.

One of the cool thing's about his studio is that it's filled with old school imagery of everyone getting inked. Young Eminem, 50 Cent's massive back piece, Snoop's Nate Dogg portrait, Christina Aguilera's lower back tatt, etc.

Anyway, awesome event, great turn out. They even had a Lowrider Hop Off which was pretty cool. (As you guys know, Matt and I never miss a good Hop Off)

All these images courtesy of John P from ID. Check his Fatlace blog for the full recap.

Also some coverage over on the Crooks and Castles blog - besides including shots of the body painted gogo dancers, theres a photo of yours truly standing around inside a garage next to a blue pinstriped lowrider.