Here's the final edit for the Hot Wheels X Games spot we produced.

Just finished this 2-minute recap for the seat maker Recaro on behalf of The ID Agency. This was a cool project and the vid turned out nicely. Mattel gave us access to some of their helicopter coverage and other footage which was cool.

Shout out to Greg and Tanner for all their cooperation and making our jobs easy.


0484 STUFF

New random gear from around the office.


I got Matt this Aluminum Elevation iPhone dock from Kickstarter at Christmas. Although it just finally came in the mail the other day (from my previous, albeit limited, experiences, stuff from Kickstarter takes forever). Cool dock though - nice quality.

Native Union Pop Phone Handset (Batphone Red). The whole product seems a bit gimmicky - which it is - but it does really make the experience of talking on your cell phone a lot better. (Plus they're fun and they're only like $18 on Amazon)


Snagged this print of Penguins in Antarctica from a Travel Photographer named Steven Krupnick down at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach a couple weeks ago.

Thanks to John P and Stan from Toyo for getting us signed copies of this poster we helped work on for Anthony Pettis.

When we were out in Colorado last week, we became new best friends with this young photographer from North Carolina named Jamey Price. Jamey was shooting stills for Ducati so we basically hung out and worked together all week. On raceday Jamey printed some enlargements of a couple of shots of the riders and had them sign copies of the prints for us which was cool.


New Dream Team book - I actually still have yet to watch the documentary, it's on my Tivo (along with the last 6 months or so of shows and sporting events that I'm behind on).

This is what happens when you're gone for a week. Every week.


Undftd had an end of season sale - everything 40% off. No brainer.

New Oakley Holbrooks. These come in a ton of colorways - took me about a month to decide before I just went the safe route - matte black and grey.



Our big brother Carlin Dunne just set another record at Pikes Peak.

From Ducati Santa Barbara, reppin the 805, Carlin came in with an all time motorcycle record of 9:52. Also breaking the 10 minute barrier, Greg Tracy posted an equally impressive 9:58 and the Ducati team finished 1st and 2nd. These guys are honestly so chill to work with and professional beyond belief.

They're both super banged up so the fact that they ran at all is a testament to how unbelievably tough these guys are. (Perhaps we've been rubbing off on them?) A week ago, Greg filmed this commercial along with Audi and wrecked the bike into a wall at 80mph - he literally shrugged off an epic combination of injuries that would have put others into retirement and came back out here and ran full speed.

Anyway, race is actually still going on at the moment. Petra is at the top of the mountain filming finish line coverage, our new BFF Jamey is roaming around the mountiain taking photos and I'm at the base of the mountain and Ducati camp. We have another 6 shooters filming for us tucked on the side of this mountain with nothing but cameras and backpacks full of snacks. There have been a ridiculous amount of delays - quite a few cars have driven off the mountain and crashed and have had to be airlifted out of here. And as if that wasn't interesting enough, it's recently started hailing/snowing.

We woke up at 1:30AM today (it's 6:30PM now). Our freelance shooters have been stranded on the mountain since 6AM. If they had cell signal, which they don't, I'm sure they'd be texting me death threats by now. There's currently no end in sight to the race. You've got to love Pikes Peak.



Like we always do at time.

We're out in here in Colorado Springs. Again.

Last time we filmed here was a huge opportunity for us. This time we know a little more what to expect. Should be fun. Or at least an adventure.

More updates soon.

Needless to say, shout out to The ID Agency and Ducati.