Couple months ago, we stopped by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Matt and Ryan and I were out there filming for Pirelli and on our way back to the airport we had a couple of hours to kill. Pulled up the New York Times' "36 Hours in Atlanta" feature and figured the High sounded like a good way to spend the afternoon.

On the top floor they had this weird mirrored half dome sculpture - kind of cool though.

They also had some KAWS stuff on display.

And this impromptu portrait reenactment was of course the highlight of the day. To be honest, it took us about 6 tries just to get it to this point. We almost had it down exactly except Ryan got impatient with us, after the first 10 minutes, and refused to continue snapping further attempts. (Real Pageant of the Masters-ish, right?)

Anyway, picked up a couple cool posters from the gift store as well - definitely a good time. Next time you're down south, check it out. New York Times Recommended and 0484 Approved :)



John Hall from Imprint Culture Lab interviewed us recently.

Met John a couple months back through jeffstaple. We're definitely humbled to be part of Imprint's "8 Questions" series. Make sure to check it out as I'm sure it will likely be the first and last time anyone bothers to chat with us :)



Ducati x 0484 x ID Agency - all over again.

First off, apologies for the tragic lack of updates over the past couple weeks. Schedule has gotten even more insane than usual. We're in the midst of filming over 20 videos in a 5 week span, in 5 different states. So yeah, I'm about to put an autoresponder on my email for the next 3 weeks or so (It will just say 'Check back in mid-October to see if we're still alive) Anyway, back to the blog, a few behind-the-scenes flicks from our time in Colorado Springs last month. Ryan and Matt and Petra and I were out there, filming everyday starting before dawn, for a week :) Wouldn't have been as bad if the McDonalds near our hotel was open 24/7 - Sausage McMuffins are usually my early morning crutch.

Waiting for the bikes.

Climbed down this mountain, carrying gear, one day to get a shot. That's Ryan way up there against the rail. Felt pretty Bear Grylls-ish by the time I made it to the bottom without spraining an ankle.

14K feet high, some incredible views.

Our homies Carlin Dunne and Greg Tracy were riding for the Ducati team this year. Filming Pikes this year, opposed to last year, was completely different in that we knew what to expect this time around and we had already worked with Greg and Carlin and everyone from Ducati so much since last Summer - made our lives way easier. Sidenote, as Ducati is now part of the Audi family, Audi supplied Greg and Carlin with fleet vehicles - so they pushed an S5 and Q7 all around Colorado Springs for the week - no big deal.

Probably the most epic snapshot I've taken on my iPhone - Matt and Ryan filming overlooking one of the steepest drops at Pikes Peak called Bottomless Pit.

Ducati brought out a killer still photographer from North Carolina named Jamey Price. Jamey quickly became our new best friend and we hung out all week together, woke up at 2AM, binged on 7-11 donuts and beef jerky, napped in the car, ate lunch at CPK together, talked a bunch of 'Nikon vs Canon' nerd trash talk - the usual male bonding type of stuff.

*This photo is weird because we're standing on a bunch of rocks and it mistakenly makes me appear much shorter than my true-to-life 6'2" height.

Last year we made a 15-minute long short film complete with interviews and a narrator - it got over 100K views online and became Ducati North America's most popular YouTube video. However this year they asked for a 2-minute spot with just music. They're the boss. Here's the vid, enjoy.

Shout out to Arrick and everyone from Ducati as well as The ID Agency as always.