Few flicks from our week out in Vegas earlier this month.

This was our second year filming The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. The weather this year was actually less scorching and we won more money at the Craps tables - so it was a much better trip overall.

Tuesday night we filmed the Pairings Party for the Pro-Am at 1OAK inside The Mirage. Katherine Heigl was randomly at this event - her husband is some type of singer and he came out to golf in the Pro-Am. We actually didn't really recognize her - but we did talk to him for awhile. He came up and chatted with us about DSLR cameras for awhile and we sort of just thought he was one of the many regular camera nerds that typically accosts us everywhere we go.

JT played with George Lopez and Nick Watney. He actually outdrove Watney on a couple holes - the kid has got some game.

The homie George Lopez - great guy. Interesting golf swing but definitely nice, and funny too.

One of these guys just got married to Jessica Biel.

Nick handling some interviews over the weekend. Really good turnout this year, Davis Love III, John Daly, Vijay Singh, a lot of big names came out. Next year the tourney will be part of the FedEx Cup which will be a nice boost. We're stoked to see it grow - all the people at the tournament are super nice and professional and really chill to work with.

Roy, from the Hawaiian Fusion restaurants, came out to one of the charity events thrown at the tourney. He made some food for everyone and then Matt and Ryan interviewed him. We probably should've tried to get a Roy's gift card out of the whole deal - we sort of blew it.

Got up at dawn to film some b-roll around the course on Sunday.

Justin at the trophy presentation on the 18th green. Ryan Moore, who won the tourney, was actually a UNLV alumni so he had a ton of local support - people were chanting Rebel cheers for him as he walked the course Sunday which was kind of cool.

In the end, of course, it's all about the kids. This is Hunter, one of the hospital's patient ambassadors. Really nice kid - we interviewed him and his mom. Always a pleasure to work for the Shriners.



We spent Wednesday in Long Beach filming some behind-the-scenes stuff.

Our boy Tim Cadiente was shooting some stills of a rock band from LA and brought us along for the ride.

One of band members' shoes. Game recognize game.

We shot down at South Bay Studios all day - ton of stuff going on down there. They were shooting Fiat 500's on the soundstage nextdoor to us and had a ton of them parked out in the hallways and stuff. Also, randomly, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was roaming around - apparently he keeps an office for one of his companies inside the Southbay compound.

Buster - photoshoot security.

Anyway, more photos and the video coming soon once we're finally allowed to post everything.



Stopped by the Michael Kohn Gallery over in Beverly Hills this weekend to check out the Retna show.

Retna covered the outside of the building with his signature handstyle in reflective metallic paint. Really glows in the sunlight, very cool.

The show featured a variety of his stuff - several different styles, which was nice.

There were a couple of watercolors, I really liked this one.

The detail, up close.

There was some new fancy pieces with glitter paint in this show but I'm more of a fan of his older style stuff, pieces like this one. Dude has such a unique and iconic style - curious to see what he does next.



Got to go out to Detroit recently and film at the Ford Mustang factory for a day.

The schedule was a bit hectic (what's new?) - we filmed for another project, also with The ID Agency, on a Monday, here in Irvine. Then we packed everything up and got on a red-eye and landed in Detroit Tuesday morning. Drove straight from the airport to the factory and got to work. #moneyneversleeps

Anyway, the factory was an amazing place to shoot. They gave us free reign, which was nice, and let us wander the whole place and capture whatever we needed.

Filming the cars as they pass through inspection and come off the assembly line.

One of the 2 Mustangs we rented for the trip - 6-speed, it was fun to drive.

Went out to a local racetrack the next day to snag a few action shots. Ryan shown here doing the tripod workout.

That's our boy Tanner Foust behind the wheel. We had a blast filming him all afternoon on the track. Anyway, excited to edit this stuff - should be fun.



We're out here in Vegas filming, (and bringing sexy back), all week.

As you can see here, Justin was rocking what looked to be a Russell Westbrook-esque polo today for the Celebrity Pro-Am.

We're actually flying our whole squad out here this week - a little filming, some editing, a little gambling, some PF Chang's - a real 0484 Company Retreat.

More photos to come - someday...